The Top 10 Mindful Eating Apps

I’ve previously written many blog posts about mindful eating ph Apps. However, things change quickly in technology and so it’s time for a market update!

What is mindful eating?

If you’re new to mindful eating, you can read all about it by clicking here. In a nutshell, mindful eating means eating with awareness. 

Why use mindful eating Apps?

Eating slowly, being focused on the experience of eating and becoming more in-tune with our hunger, fullness & satisfaction signals are all mindful eating strategies. A ph App is just a helpful way to bring more attention to these aspects of mindful eating.


How to choose a mindful eating App

When I first wrote about mindful eating Apps in 2012, there were hardly any on the market. Now, with more available you’ll see quite a difference in the ethos behind each App.   The best Apps are those focused on bringing awareness to the eating experience by looking at the speed we eat and our emotions or decision making around food. Here are three tips to help you choose:

  1. You’ll notice some Apps involve documenting or tracking what you eat. Be aware. For some people this may be problematic as it can start to feel like a food diary, “calorie counting” and a diet.
  2. Some Apps mention they’ll help you lose weight. If weight loss is mentioned as an outcome from using the App, it’s not truly mindfulness-based. Mindfulness and mindful eating are centred around bringing awareness to the moment and not focusing on the future. As weight loss goals are something for the future (and for many folks are not helpful or achievable anyway), they don’t actually fit with the mindfulness concept. The same goes for calorie counting.
  3. Some include information about the developer and a “further support”. Accessing further professional help for your personal situation is super important (and useful). A “further support” section is a good sign the App is credible.


Ok, so here they are (in no particular order):

The Top 10 Mindful Eating Apps

  1. Am I Hungry? ® – This App is based on Dr Michelle May’s Am I Hungry ® Mindful Eating cycle. Every time you would like to eat, the app takes you through a series of decisions to make mindful choices.
  2. Eat Drink and Be Mindful – This App from Dr Susan Albers allows you to record your hunger level and kind of hunger. It also shows how you respond to food (mind, body, thoughts & feelings) and includes reminders to eat mindfully.
  3. Rise Up and Recover – Although specifically designed for people with eating disorders (and by the way, there are some brilliant apps for Eating Disorders such as Recovery Record), this App has some really useful tools for everyone. Meals can logged, emotions and behaviours can be tracked and it has a large inbuilt extra support and resources section.
  4. Mindful Bite  – Mindful Bite is focused on the time we take to eat. It flashes at either 30 or 60 seconds and you take a bite then. It also gives you periodic prompts to think about your hunger and fullness levels.
  5. 20-Minute Eating Similar to Mindful Bite, the 20-minute eating App allows you to pre-set intervals for eating. For example when to start, when to pause and “check-in” and when to stop. The App uses sounds and vibrations to alert you.
  6. In the Moment – This App is centred around identifying how you feel before eating (e.g. hungry, anxious, sad, bored etc) and guiding you through strategies for each feeling.
  7. Mindful Eating Tracker – Based on mindfulness, this App allows you to notice a food idea or thought (and decide what to do with the thought), rate and track levels of gratitude, hunger, thirst and satisfaction and food enjoyment.
  8. Mindful Meal Timer – Available in Google Play, this useful App guides you to eat slowly and has a timer for main meals and snacks (with an alert halfway).
  9. YouAte Food Diary Encourages taking photos of food eaten, documenting the time of your meals, time between meals, why you ate and your enjoyment from the meal.
  10. Eat, Chew Rest Based on the concept of slowing down, the App takes you through 3 eating steps using a trafiic light colour system. As it moves to each colour you can move to the next step of eating. For example,  1) Put the food in your mouth (green), 2) Chew (yellow) and 3) put eating utensils down, reflect and express gratitude (red).


I hope you find the list useful. If you know of any other Apps, please let me know. (Just email me here).

Christina x


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