Solfood Courses


Welcome to the Solfood courses page. We offer 2 main courses available right here and a third one coming in early 2018:

  1. The FREE Mindful Eating Challenge: A 5-day email blast course that sends you excellent introductory mindful eating tips and tools to get you started on your journey toward a great relationship with food and…
  2. Mindful Eating E-Course: A comprehensive 12-week online program that explores Mindful Eating techniques in-depth and includes practical activities guided by Christina Turner. There are weekly video lessons and audios, printable worksheets and bonus downloads like meditations, daily planners and journals, recipes, unlimited email support and more
  3. Mindful Eating Mentoring: COMING EARLY 2018 An ongoing VIP membership group including a private student dashboard with video seminars, audios, book reviews, an online support chat group and many resources (including fab discounts!) which are constantly being updated by Christina.