mindful eating course

Mindful Eating E-Course

mindful eating e-course

Welcome to SOL Food’s Mindful Eating e-course, designed to help you start eating and living mindfully

(because truthfully, the other way – dieting – is boring, unhealthy and depriving).

“It’s the longest running Mindful Eating course of its kind in Australia. Based on evidence and delivered with love.”

This 12-week e-course is ideal if you:

  • Have been on diets for years and are over them
  • Constantly feel disappointed with the number on the scales
  • Know what you should eat but struggle to “stick to the plan”
  • Sick of using food to always manage emotions (e.g. stressed, happy, sad, angry or tired)
  • Feel guilty (a lot) when you eat
  • Want to CHANGE your the way you eat FOR GOOD.

If you’d like to have a happier relationship with food, then we’d love you to join us on the course.

Mindful eating stems from the ancient technique of mindfulness. Being “mindful” means you are living moment to moment, paying close attention to your thoughts and everything around you, without judgement.

Mindfulness can deliver a powerhouse of health benefits. It can help you be less reactive to stuff in your life, including food. It helps you to become more connected to your body (sometimes even loving it), and can help with those challenging little life happenings such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Given all this, it makes sense that mindful eating refers to being in the moment while you eat. It involves listening to your body and learning to trust your body’s cues for when, how much and what to eat.

With mindful eating there is no guilt, no “right” foods, and no “wrong” foods. It never makes you feel like there is something wrong with you.

This is why most folks who try it tend to report a sense of freedom, happiness, and ease – and geez, how good would that feel?

SOL Food’s core focus is transforming your physical and mental health, without focusing on weight, watching portion sizes or dieting. This is an important factor to understand. Diets for weight loss do not make us healthier or happier. Diets don’t “fix” crappy relationships with food. But mindfulness can.

During the course you’ll:

  • Learn more about mindfulness and how to start using it today
  • Uncover your (real) relationship with food
  • Start making calm, happy and healthful food choices
  • Feel happier within your own skin
  • Contribute to an important charity
  • Calorie counting or specific meal plans
  • Regular weigh-ins
  • Exercises you dislike
  • Helplessness or guilt
  • Body loathing
  • 12 weekly videos
  • Downloadable PDF homework and audio recordings
  • Progress tracking worksheets to help you can make actionable changes
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to the SOL Mindful Eating e-community

But wait, there’s more! (ha ha). We want you to have ALL the tools to change so you’ll also receive:

  • A downloadable Mindfulness Journal to house your daily mindful musings
  • A daily life planner so you can spend more time on the stuff you enjoy and with the people you love
  • A SOL Mindful Shopping and Recipe Pack, a helpful resource designed for those who can’t cook, haven’t cooked in a while, or who just need some inspiration to rediscover their eating mojo
  • Our Top 50 Essential Mindfulness Tools, which includes books, apps and websites for continued practice
  • 10 BONUS mindful eating meditations, which are essential for continuing your mindfulness practice after the course
  • Our contacts list, providing access to close-to-home support from a health professional, after the program ends
  • FREE 12 months’ access to the SOL Mindful Eating Mentoring Program

SOL Food Mindful Eating e-course is $329 (for the mathematically-inclined folks, that’s around the same cost as a cup of coffee per day).

10% of every course fee is donated to the Butterfly Foundation, who provide amazing support to people living with eating disorders and their families.

Please also look out for regular discounts and scholarships we offer. We firmly believe mindful eating is for everyone. We announce all discounts via our instagram and facebook pages.

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mindful eating course modules

Let’s take a closer look at the content within the Mindful Eating e-Course.

Mindful eating works best alongside a formal mindfulness practice like meditation. In Module 1 you’ll learn the basics of meditation and mindful eating, why and how they work. You’ll:

  • Start your own daily mindfulness practice
  • Discover your personal eating style more deeply
  • Begin practicing introductory-level mindful eating including how to eat with your senses.

Module 2 is where theory moves to “practice with purpose”. You’ll start building on your core mindfulness skills and really apply it to your everyday eating. You’ll learn about:

  • The dieting cycle and how to combat it
  • Challenging your food beliefs
  • Your hunger and how to effortlessly manage it so you feel satisfied and happy, not fixated or guilty

There is where we nurture your mindful self-compassion by delving deeper into:

  • The must-know facts and science behind dieting and the new non-diet approaches like mindful eating
  • Emotional eating, why it’s not such a bad thing how you can mindfully listen to it and act on it.
  • Body respect; moving from dissatisfaction to acceptance and kindness
  • Self-compassion practices that will transform your eating, and your physical and mental health

In the final weeks of the program we’ll help you formulate your unique mindful eating blueprint for life. Basically, it’s about taking your key learnings out of the course and bringing them into your real every-day life. You’ll find out how to:

  • Use nutrition knowledge and meal planning skills without dieting.
  • Convert food rules into healthy behaviours
  • Navigate those “I’ve gone off track” life moments
  • Practice mindful eating for life.

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mindful eating course modules

Got more questions? Check out our course FAQ’s here


Mindful Eating 12 Week E-course Includes:

  • A Comprehensive Video Class every week with Christina Turner
  • Progress Tracking Worksheets, 

Audios and PDFs
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Bonus Resources including Meditations, Printable Journal and Daily Life Planners
  • FREE 12 months’ access to the SOL Mindful Eating Mentoring Program
  • Our contacts list, providing access to close-to-home support from a health professional

10% of every course fee is donated to the Butterfly Foundation, who provide support to people living with eating disorders and their families

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