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FREE Mindful Eating Challenge

free mindful eating challenge


Your relationship with food is about to get a whole lot better!

Life’s too short for dieting, so in this 5-Day Free Mindful Eating Challenge you’ll be introduced to the life-changing world of mindfulness and mindful eating. Each day, you’ll receive a new mindful eating tip (with some fun homework) straight to your inbox. This series will cover the key mindful eating foundations, including:

  1. Mindfulness meditation
  2. Hunger exploration
  3. The eating environment and creating opportunities to enjoy eating
  4. Food gratitude
  5. Using nutrition wisdom to make changes (without dieting)

All that’s required from you, is just a few minutes each day, an open mind and a willingness to explore the way you feel about food.

If you are the least bit curious about mindful eating, this FREE Challenge is a great way to learn more.

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Take up the mindful eating challenge today and watch food change into something that you enjoy….mind, body and SOL!

Interested in a more in depth mindful eating practice?

Consider joining our mindful eating e-course. Watch our introduction video below with Christina Turner or read more about it here

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FREE Mindful Eating Challenge


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