About Solfood

Christina TurnerThanks for stopping by. I’m Christina Turner, the founder of SOL Food.

I‘ve been an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist since 2000, and have worked both in Australia and the United Kingdom. I’m a University Educator at Bond University on the Gold Coast, a proud Ambassador for The Mindfulness App, and I’m also the Founder of SOL Nutrition, an innovative and ‘no-diets’ nutrition clinic originating in Byron Bay.

Specialising in eating disorders, my goal is to help you live your life with ease, by creating happier relationships, both with food and with your life.

“I’ve found mindfulness, and mindful eating produces THE most positive health outcomes for clients, compared to any other nutrition strategies I’ve used in the past. As a clinician, I feel the happiest when I support you to look at what’s going on ‘on the inside’ and around you, instead of using hard-to-sustain diets or food restrictions.”

Mindful eating really is a game-changer for folks who’ve been stuck on the dieting roller-coaster, which is why in 2012 – after discovering the power of mindful eating – I launched Australia’s first online Mindful Eating Course.

I invite you to experience mindful eating for yourself and discover the benefits first-hand, by trying my FREE 5-day Mindful Eating Challenge.